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Declare Whales and Dolphins as Non Human Persons

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To: United Nations, President Trump, Prime Minister Abe.

What: Declare Dolphins and Whales as Non-Human Persons.

To whom this may concern, I am petitoning the world leaders to do something about our Ocean. The Ocean is full of intelligent life and they need to be protected.

I also ask you this. How would you feel if your family was brutally murdered in front of you, and you were the only survivor and was taken to a room the size of a broom closet and were forced to live there? Oh and to add even more misery if you were forced to perform tricks for your food? Then after a few years you die in captivity a lonely life? Another thing how would you feel if your mother was murdered in front of you and then you were taken and deemed not big enough and was dropped in the middle of a forest forced to survive on your own at not even 8 months old?

The questions answer is this. You wouldn't feel anything about this, because nothing like this happens to humans. Well almost nothing like this happens to humans. BUT when it does it makes the news and broadcast all over the world. So why is it that this exact situation happens every September - March in Japan to intelligent sentient beings known as Dolphins. Dolphins are born in the Ocean and they deserve to live their lives in peace and freedom. The higher being you belive in intended them to remain in the ocean where they belong. They do not belong in sea pens the size of your living room and they don't belong in bathtubs performing tricks for medicated food.

We need to grant them the title of a Non-Human Person so that they can be protected. So that it would make it illegal all over the world to hunt them and to kill them. It would also make it possible to have the remaining in captivity the right to live in a sea side sanctuary so they too can live the rest of their lives in their rightful place to belong.

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