Death Penalty Legal in all the World - Rendiamo la Pena di Morte Legale in tutto il mondo

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Hello everyone,

This petition stems from the observation that the world is gradually becoming more and more rotten, corrupt and unjust.

We are constantly at war, and every day we see abominations of all kinds, murders, rape, drug trafficking, corruption, etc.

With the passage of time we have become increasingly tolerant of crime, to the point that we have come to justify those who commit crimes, even the victims come to justify their perpetrators.

Every person in his life pursues happiness, but sometimes the path to happiness is interrupted, and not randomly, but because of people who do not hesitate to put before themselves to the common good, to the point of doing evil deeds even to satisfy their needs.

We are of the opinion that people have the right to be happy, indeed they must pursue happiness, but happiness can not be achieved by killing, raping or torturing others, or happiness can not be achieved by being bribed (as many politicians do) and thus leaving entire countries in the hands of criminality of all kinds, from the common criminal to the criminal in a suit and tie.

For a brief analysis, the world is divided into those who do harm to others and those who do not do it, to those who are victims and those who are executioners.

For the good of the world, those who do evil of others must be eliminated.
This does not mean that whoever commits a crime should deserve the death penalty, such a sentence must be imposed only on people who commit crimes that do not deserve redemption.

In our opinion, the death penalty should be imposed on those guilty of the following crimes: murder (both of people and animals, obviously killing animals to eat does not fall within the crime of murder as long as the animals do not suffer), rape, corruption (for every level, especially regarding politics), scam and belonging to criminal groups.

If the death penalty were applied to those who stain the crimes mentioned above we will be sure that the world would soon become a better place, a place without criminals and where honest people can live peacefully.

We would like to point out that the legitimate defense does not fall within the crime of murder, we support the legitimate defense in all its forms, because if the state does not protect us from criminals we must arm ourselves and defend ourselves.

We are the group of followers of Kira, but better known by the acronym of the "seraph angels of Kira".
The seraphim angels in the main western monotheistic religions are the angels closest to God, those who immediately receive ideas and directives.

We also want to clarify that we are not a sect, but a free group of free people acting against a rotten and corrupt system. Let's say that we are a sort of Anonymous only that our goal is to completely eliminate crime.

The name Kira is obviously a clear reference to the character of the famous manga Death Note.

I hope you can sign our petition, and we would like to inform you that this is only the first of many other initiatives. It is time to say enough of this corrupt system and the leaders of the world will have to listen to us. Everyone can contribute to the cause of the best way he believes, there is no association to which to sign up, there is no party, etc. behind us there is only one ideal in which a person can mirror himself or not, everyone must feel free and can contribute as he wishes, for example you can create petitions, civil political battles, actions on the internet of various kinds, feel free to bring justice into the world, feel free to be revolutionary.

Greetings from the Seraphim Angels of Kira.