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For the Adoption of an African society free from sexual abuse and molestation.

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When a story breaks that involves sex without consent  like Chikamso who was raped and killed, when a story of sexual abuse breaks in, victims should be protected. A penetration without consent is RAPE. An 8 year old girl from the eastern part of Nigeria was raped and killed by someone whom the father took as a family member.

I want an African society free from sexual abuse and molestation for both male and female,  a society where sexual abuse and molestation will be reduced drastically.

It doesnt matter about your gender, sexuality, age, looks or personality etc. Everyone deserves respect.

The impact of this is to empower the African youths as well as the communities and victims of sexual abuse in developing and protecting one another and believing in themselves  that AFRICA would be great rather than abusing one another.

The people involved are the African society (male and female, young and old) especially those that have been abused sexually or molested. One of the major problems is FEAR, fear has made alot of victims of sexual abuse to die in silence and they keep seeing themselves as victims instead of survivours. alot of victims are so scared to talk or reach out to other survivours or even defend themselves.

The solution to this is to collaborate and discuss with human right lawyers/activist, International human right organizations, social workers and parents on how to stop sexual abuse in our eniveronment.

Why I am taking this personal is because I stand against sexual abuse and molestation in Africa (especially in Nigeria)  because Africa must be great.

I will keep fighting

I will keep talking

And you can either "sit on the fence" or join the fight.

There won't be room for hate speeches in as much as I am fighting a positive cause, there won't be religious and culltural affiliations but there would be tolerance and mutual respect for one another in the spirit of unity.

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