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I stand with Dominican people AGAINST the new Penal Code that violates basic human rights while it 

ELIMINATES punishment for violence against women

DOES NOT Consider domestic violence a grave offense UNLESS the victim dies or is disabled for at least 90 days

REDUCES the punishment for incest-based crimes

REDUCES the punishment for sexual harassment

CONCEALS the rape of a minor

CRIMINALIZES abortion under ALL circumstances, even if the mother's life is at risk

Recognizes as FEMICIDE only those murders committed by sexual partners or ex-partners

Letter to
Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations
We, the undersigned, oppose the new Dominican Penal Code as it constitutes a clear violation of human rights. We ask the United Nations to condemn the new Dominican Penal Code that puts humans in great danger and vulnerability. We ask this because the infamous code eliminates punishment for violence against women, reduces punishment for rape, pedophilia, incest-related crimes, assault, and feminicide. We ask this because as human beings we believe all humans are equal and deserve the same protection under the law. We ask this because Dominican women are at risks of losing their human rights. We ask this because Dominican women are human too.

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