Stop International Parental Child Abduction in the UK

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Support this petition to ensure that the United Nations investigates the UK for failing to uphold the human rights of children who are at risk of or who have suffered from International Parental Child Abduction.

Approximately 500 children each and every year are subject to the crime of International Parental Child Abduction from the UK - that's around ten a week.

We have approached the United Nations 'Committee Against Torture' to initiate an inquiry against the UK for allowing for such a high number of children to be abducted, and therefore allowing this inhuman and degrading act to become an accepted norm.

The UK has failed to initiate effective preventative measures to halt this barbaric act; in addition, it's approach to repatriation is passive at best. Hence why we seek the intervention of the UN to ensure that no more children are abducted from the UK and that there is a robust system in place to guarantee the return of abducted children. - and we ask for the help of '' to ensure that the UN compels the UK to undertake wholesale reform in ensuring that the levels of abducted children fall and those already kidnapped are promptly returned home.