Climate Change: Protect Your Future

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 Polar bears are vulnerable, and their population is decreasing. There are about 20-25,000 polar bears left worldwide. Climate change is getting to a point that in a couple years there will be no turning back. New York City will be under water and the North and South Poles will be completely melted. Help save the animals. They are running out of ice. Their home is literally melting from right under them. We need to focus on the issue of climate change in order to save all of our homes. The Paris agreement is one way that we could help, but our leadership has other plans. 

One thing we as Americans can do is pressure our government. Make them listen to us. We can make a difference by passing a law in order to allow factories to only emit a certain amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We are currently the country with the second highest green house gas emission rate in the world, the first being China, but the thing is Chinese people take up 20% of the worlds population. While americans only take up 4.4%. Did you know we are releasing 2.4 million greenhouse gases per second. In order to at least attempt to fix this we need to pass a law about how much greenhouse gases can be released by factories. 

We can also use renewable sources like water, wind and solar powers instead of nonrenewable sources like petroleum, oils, coal, uranium, and many more. Each house should try to be powered at least partly by solar energy. One of the biggest tourism sites is the Empire State Building and it is COMPLETELY GREEN, it uses solar panels that power the building. If we did that with all commercial buildings we would stop the emission rate from being so high.

Help save all of our homes!!!!!