#CleanPuttalam - Are humans testing rats these days?

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I am a Puttalamian,and I was a volunteer when the Meethottamulle Garbage Dump (Srilanka)was collapsed,I know it not only killed thousands of people but also effected the streets of Colombo and the lives of innocents...

The proposed land for dumping Colombo Garbage is located about 170 km away from Colombo, Sri Lanka and within the Weerakulicholei- Eluwankulam proposed forest reserve. It is a land that is leased by the Forest Department to Puttalam cement Corporation. Leasing out the said land to Holcim is already an illegal act. Similarly, dumping of garbage in the said land is also illegal.

The proposed project is for open dumping of 1200 tons of unsorted garbage collected from the CMC area daily in Arruwakkaru old limestone mine of the Puttalam cement plant. In our opinion, the project objective should be how better manage the metropolitan garbage and not how to deal with the Meethotamulla garbage dump. In such case, there are many other alternatives to this project.
Sri Lanka generates more than 3000 tons of garbage daily, which is not only polluting Meethotamulla, but also over 300 locations in the country. This needs a much more different waste management policy which include the principles of  “avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle” and sanitary landfill as found in the other middle-income countries and developed countries. Such a policy should include, awareness, separation of garbage at the generation point, introduction of extended producer responsibility, introducing and establishing all possible recycling facilities etc. If government can
introduce such a policy, Sri Lanka can easily adopt zero waste strategies.
The project is located within one mile of the Wilpattu National park. The Wilpattu National Park (WNP) is situated on the
east of the landfill site at a distance of about 300 m. The establishment of the proposed landfill site in such a close vicinity to an important and popular National Park, which is also an International Ramsar Wetland Conservation site seems to be more problematic. It needs permission from the Director General of the Department of Wildlife. Therefore, considering the importance of this national park, Ramsar Wetland this project is not feasible.

We need a strong vision for the country's future not hazardous projects to kill your own people.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,stand with us to save our lives...