Clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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The money raised to rebuild the Notre-Dame de Paris (1 billion $) could’ve been enough to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In comparison, since 2017 only 31.7 million$ have been raised to clean up this huge patch of garbage twice the size of Texas. 

Plastic dumped into the ocean gradually breaks down into micro-plastics that are eventually swallowed by marine animals that get poisoned by it. Up to 100 000 marine mammals and 1 million sea birds die trash-related deaths every year. 

The obvious root cause of this problem is our high levels of consumption of unrecylable, non-biodegradable plastic. 

This petition is made to raise awareness about our governments’ and elites’ financial and political priorities.

This petition also demands a hot-fix to the root cause of the problem, thus, a radical decrease in the production and consumption of non-biodegradable plastics is required. We hope for the governments of the world to introduce laws that either completely ban or heavily tax the production and consumption of said materials. We also hope for the same governments to handle the disposal of those materials accordingly. 

We also hope for this petition to result in an increase in financial donations to organizations, projects and funds such as the IPCC, the Climate Project, Climate Action Network, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, the Enviromental Defense Fund, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the US National Resources Defense Council, the Green Climate Fund , the Climate Investment Funds,, C40, the Ocean Cleanup and etc. 

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your voice.