Citizenship for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

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3 Millions of Afghan refugees are in Pakistan who have actually become part of this country after adopting Pakistan's culture and traditions completely. There is no way for them to fly back home after living for three decades in Pakistan and for most of them, the second generation is now raising in Pakistan. I am an Afghan refugee living in Pakistan for 18 years and I believe that Afghan refugees can contribute to the success of this country in terms of improving the economy through skills, adding value to the human capital stock and stimulate trade and investment. Pakistan's prime minister, Imran Khan recently promised to provide citizenship to the Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan and it built a hope in the hearts of thousands of mothers and fathers and millions of children. Now, they believe that their struggles of three decades will be paid off in the shape of accepted citizens of Pakistan who share the same value and culture like any other Pakistani without being discriminated on the basis of nationality.

YES!  I am also Pakistani.