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Changing Theosophical society into a Community where people have the power to state laws

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Theosophical society is a large chunk of conquered land which is not being used efficiently to benefit humanity. So in reality, everyone is being affected due to the incompetent people in charge of the theosophical society. The TS can be used as a headquarters for the MADRAS COUNCIL(MC III-VI-IX), whose foundation is sustainability.(Instagram - gowtham313; Facebook - The Madras Council 3-6-9) for further information. The Councils aim is to make TS a community based on art, education, martial arts, music and agriculture. The primary mission of the Council is safeguarding our environment so in return she takes care of us. We need like minded individuals who dare to invent the future based on technology and philosophy.

The TS elections are on December where they elect the president of the society. The whole constituency who votes in this election are members of the society, which means only members can vote. The Madras Council is against this type of internal elections. We the people, need to have a say in it too. Do vote for the MADRAS COUNCIL and let us bring a change in our society. If TIM BOYD(current president) is elected again, we will not see any change for our people.

The MADRAS COUNCIL is tired of empty promises by our politicians, and we demand for a CHANGE. Do support our cause, POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

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