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Stop.Look.Read.YOU can help change these lives.PLEASE it's just one click away.SAVE LYBIA

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We have all seen the impact of slavery in our history from as early as the dawn of man, to the biblical times, colonization ect. But to think that in this day and age after society has climbed and climbed over SO MANY social barriers and yet we are back to square one. I know most of you may be thinking this is just another one of 'those things' , yeah sure the share existence of human life is just one of those things. And i know most of you will stop right here and stop reading and not even click. If you can click or like a cute puppy ,a photo of some celebrity you can click on this PLEASE and if you have the patience read the rest of this just to get a grasp of what I'm saying.Human trafficking is Crap, selling humans is crap, the worth of a human no matter how great or insignificant it maybe to you is priceless. After years upon years of emphasising the problems we have in our society , climate change, wars, prejudice . Guess what they all have in common they are all caused by us. We thought if these problems as small miniscule things but that was front he safe free view from an other persons eyes. On the receiving end you cannot begin to imagine the pain, the suffering , the loss and traumatizing experiences. Know if you have read At least half of this you can just get to scratch the surface if the problem all of this is mans doing , but as the ever changing world we can change too. So with just one click you can help the people of lybia and extension the world . As a human being if there is any goodness or humanity in your heart share this ,share it with the world let the people know that just a simple click can help. Please help save these men ,women and children from a lifetime of death despair and hopelessness 

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