Categorize Christchurch Mosque attack as a Terrorist Attack!

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Two mosques were attacked in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, during Friday prayers on the 15th March, 2019, killing at least 49 people on the spot and seriously injuring 20. There are news of more deaths.

The shooters live streamed the video as they shot people inside the mosque brutally again and again. The shooters kept on shooting at the dead to make sure no one makes it alive if there are any injured on ground. 

There were women and children present in the mosque and the shooters did not show mercy even towards the children as young as 3 - 4 years.

This attack was more or at least as brutal as the attacks usually categorized as "Terrorist Attacks". However, the media and the officials around the world are too shy to call it a terrorist attack.

This attack is probably the biggest and certainly one of the biggest act of terrorism in the west in the recent years and not treating the shooters as terrorists will encourage more people to get involved in such anti-muslim activities around the world.

This may also lead to radicalization of muslim youth if they are left to feel less important by not calling this act "Terrorism".

Therefore, in order to stop these acts from happening again and also to prevent radicalization in the muslim youth, we very strongly demand that this act is categorized as a "Terrorist attack" and called as such.