Call upon the United Nations to make gender and sexual equality international law.

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People are inprisoned and sentenced to death for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or just for being ‘different’ everyday. Where is the equality? Where are their basic human rights? The United Nations was formed on the basis of peace and the protection of human rights but air failing to protect the rights of millions of gay, lesbian and transgender people. 

There are multiple countries within the United Nations where it is illegal to be anything but hederesexual. This is a clear violation of their human rights. These laws are outdated and simply disgraceful.

Every single human being deserves the right to love who they want no matter what gender or race. We all deserve to be happy without the fear of inprisonment or death. 

This is why I call upon the United Nations and humanity to enshrine equality for all into international law.  

I also call upon YOU to sign and share this petition so we can get the message of equality across to every human being and create a better world to live in!

#equality #equality4all