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I am an average man. I lead an average life alike most people. Alike most people I see the world dying every time I look at my phone, read the news or turn on the TV. I’m not directly affected by this atrocity. But that does not mean I care any less than those on it’s front line.

I cannot just simply watch this any longer.

Because soon I will be directly affected, soon I will be on it’s front line, and soon, we shall all be. The privilege of choice in this matter is now beyond us...

The burning and destruction of the worlds lungs is a global problem. The destruction of the Amazon rainforest is a global problem. It requires a united, global response. By signing this petition we can call for action to be taken by the United Nations against Bolsonaro of Brazil and other governments that are causing direct harm to the Amazon rainforest.

We must all respond immediately and do what we can to prevent the further deterioration of our planet. The privilege of choice in this matter is now beyond us, it’s has now become our civil duty to make change in this world, and signing this petition is a solid way to begin our duty of responsibility. 

Im just an average person. Just like most of us here. However, I am compelled beyond my means to make a difference, to ensure the survival of this planet, to do more, I hope you are too. This is the first step, to ensure the survival of the Amazon. 

Please sign this petition, let’s see where it takes us...

We have our voice as a global community to instigate global action for a global cause. Now Let. Us. Be. Heard! ...


Kindest regards

Jack Cashmore