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Call For The Abolition Of War

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This is a call for the abolition of war, the deconstruction of the miltary industrial complex and the the reassimilation of its matter and resources into those that are going to better serve humanity.

I am sick and tired of seeing countless bloodshed on pointless wars, humanity itself should have grown to the point where we can recognise that we are one united family, if we stop the fighting, stop making weapons and use that resource to feed, shelter and provide clean energy for everyone instigate new measures to sustain the environment such as coral and seaweed farming, greater integration of nature within towns and cities and connect the whole world the maglev and hyperloop technology we can explore the realms of space together in love, peace and harmony! Please stop the fighting, stop the production of weapons and transfer the resource and materials to those things that are going to better serve Humanity.

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