CAA, NRC and NPR dividing India

CAA, NRC and NPR dividing India

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K. Chawla started this petition to United Nations

CAA , NRC and NPR dividing India again. 

CAA(Citizenship Amendment Act )

  1. giving citizenship to persecuted minority (Hindus, Jain, Christians, Buddhist ) , from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan , illegally migrated to India before 2014.
  2. This act giving citizenship to people living in India without documentation on basis of "religion"
  3. excluding other persecuted people migrated to India from Mayanmaar , China, Tibet ,Christians from Bhutan , Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka are also excluded
  4. Prior to CAA , any person living in India for 11 years can get citizenship through naturalisation process ,but now it is reduced to 6 years on the basis of religion 
  5. CAA is a discriminatory law  made on basis religion.

NRC (National Register for Citizens ) is complete failure in Assam state . It excluded 1.9 million people and our Former President of India Mr.  Fakhruddin Ali & his family are not part of NRC.  Similarly an Indian Army servant Sana Ullah Khan, who served in Indian army for 30 years , fought for India in Kargil war and awarded by former president of India, could not find his name in NRC list.Now the Central Government want to impose the NRC all over India.

Q - How would a common man prove his citizenship if an Indian army servant and former President of India could not get their names in NRC list ?

  1. There is a fear among citizens 
  2. In addition, economically weaker and backward sections will suffer in the process of NRC.
  3. It is impossible for most of the people who  are illiterate to prove that their ancestors lived in India 
  4. Many have misplaced and lost their  documents owing to natural calamity like flood & earthquakes , fire accident etc 
  5. There will be higher chances of exploitation of people financially and psychologically.
  6. This is an expensive and unnecessary exercise which will adversely affect the Indian economy. 

NPR (National Population Register) is the first step towards NRC . It is self decleration information. Though this is exercised in previous years but never linked with NRC . Plus this time the Government changed the question pattern of NPR because of NRC. 

1) CAA giving rights of citizen to illegal immigrants on basis of religion , even if immigrants have no documents . On the other hand, through NRC process other Indians get excluded if they can't prove their ancestral legacy in documents.

Together CAA and NRC will revoke the citizenship rights of Muslims, Dalits and other communities living in India.

2) The entire CAA , NRC and NPR processes going to create disbalance in the society and economy. 

3) It is dividing India again on basis of religion.

This is how CAA & NRC are discriminatory,  an assault to Indian Constitution , anti- human and a threat to every citizen.

We Indians request you to take necessary action to withdraw  CAA and NRC ( including NPR ).

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!