U​.​K. Museum to return stolen artifacts to Mexico

U​.​K. Museum to return stolen artifacts to Mexico

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Started by Hope Waggoner

  The theft and genocide of first nations people of the Americas has been acknowledged. The Mexican government has made it a priority to recover stolen artifacts from around the world. However, the museum of Britain has not offered, nor acknowledged the important artifacts within the museum.

Specifically the mask of Tezcatlipoca, and Jade serpent.Sold to the museum by a private collector. The Nahautl speaking people of Mexico have been decimated. Some remain mostly in the mountains where they still speak the language.It is endangered, and could be lost.

  What codexes and artifacts that survive are needed for the preservation of the native Mexican culture. The young people of Mexico should be able to view these with pride. Not on YouTube, or television, magazines, or Britain. So, most will never see them.

   Including myself, I am of Chichimeca decent. My grandmother form Colima. I want to see them. Why do I have to go to Britain?

  What excuse will be given? It is all a cover for genocide, and entitlement. As Mexico has began to prioritize the recovery of it's artifacts stolen from Tenochtitlan,and other historic sites of cultural heritage. Britain is holding on to key pieces of art. The mask of Tezcatlipoca, and jade Quetzalcoatl are only two pieces on display at the museum of Britain. 

  These pieces were stolen during the decimation and near genocide of most Nahautl speaking peoples of Mexico. The Mexica, or Azteca are still surviving in pockets of Mexico were Nahuatl is still spoken.  As key parts of the creation story of the Mexica, Tezcatlipoca being a major creator deity brother of Huitzilopochtli, and Quatzacoaltl. We ask to bring awareness to continuous destruction of Mexico pre-Columbian indigenous cultures. Whose remaining descendants (myself included, of Chichimeca descent) desperatly need any remaning language codexe and art for the future preservation of Mexico, and her youth!

  If Italy, and others have already done so, and it is a priority of the Mexican government to recover precious art and artifacts from this time period, we ask the people of Britain to return treasured pieces to the people of Mexico.

Peace and blessings

Tlazohcamati huel miac

322 have signed. Let’s get to 500!