Biafrans re being massacred in Nigeria everyday,We need Referendum to determine our future

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Prince Darlington started this petition to United Nations and

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi KANU with the population of over 75 million people from West Africa.

We were forcefully amalgamated into one Nigeria since 1914. Since the Nigeria independent of 1960, the old Easter region part which constituted the Indigenous People of Biafra has been underdeveloped.

We are re highly marginalized, we have no good roads, hospitals, power supply, no seaports and international airports. There was a pogrom committed against Biafra in 1967 to 70.

Currently we are under a serious threat of extinction from this earth by the Nigeria military once again. Our businesses are being burnt in other region of the country. We are being killed in daily bases by the military. the home of our leader is Mazi Nnamdi KANU was attacked in 2017 and over 28 people killed in his home and over 200 people killed outside his community. Hundreds of Biafran people were secretly abducted killed and buried in shallow Graves.

Hundreds are kept in so many prisons because we only ask to be free as a people. Currently our lawyer Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofors home was invaded by the Nigeria joint military. They killed alot of Biafrans and burnt down Ejiofors house, they further burnt all the houses surrounding his house.

The Nigeria police further declared him wanted. Because he is fighting and defending our right for self determination which is enchrined in the UNITED NATIONS charter for self determination. I want to use this media to reach the international community to come to our aid as the HAUSA-FULANI soldiers have started killing Biafrans and setting our homes ablaze.

I can provide all the pictorial and vidoe evidences for all I have pen down here. My names re Prince Darlington Chukwubuikem. I am a Biafran, I want my freedom and that of my people as it was done in Ethopia few days ago and sidama region voted to be free through referendum. We re peace loving people. But if Nigeria government force Biafran youth to go into arm struggle due to the killing going on in our land.

It is going to be very dangerous because all African countries cannot handle the immigrants and casualty and aftermath if a full blown war occur in this part of the world again .

Please come to our aid before its too late.

Signed Prince Darlington Chukwubuikem. 

A Peaceful and armless Biafran freedom fighter. 

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