Beat Plastic Pollution on this World Environment Day 2018 & Save Environment

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With the theme for World Environment 2018 “Beat Plastic Pollution”, we urge all to come together and reduce the excessive use of plastic which polluting our oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health.

Plastic waste now litters the Earth, with much of it ending up in the oceans in the form of tiny fragments, or microplastics. Moreover, they absorb toxic chemicals and are being ingested by marine animals and climbing the food chain.
@What can we do???

The first step is reducing our reliance on plastics by turning down plastic bags at retailers and reducing our consumption of one-use-only plastic water bottles.

5 R's of Waste Management

1. REFUSE what you don't need
2. REDUCE what you do need
3. REUSE by using what u you have
4. RECYCLE what u can
5. ROT the rest

Even a small step can make big difference so please take action according to your state to make our world the better place to live.Thank you

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