Attack by Hezbollah on Independent Parliamentary Candidate Ali Al-Amine

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Independent candidates who are not members of organised political parties and are seeking a seat in the 2018 Parliamentary elections have been the target of organised mob attacks.  The last candidate to be attacked while in his own village mounting a sign bearing his image and a slogan is reputable journalist and political activisit Ali Al-Amine.  He is the founder and publisher of Janoubia, a news outlet critical of Iranian backed Hezbollah that controls media and public coverage of news and actions it perpetrates in many parts of Lebanon.  Ali Al-Amine is a frequent guest speaker on political shows and programs and has been an outspoken critic of Iranian hegemony in the region. Ali Al-Amine was beaten up by a posse of Hezbollah supporters in the town of Chakra in south Lebanon and was transported to hospital where he remains for close supervision and care.