Atan/Agbara road,a death trap.

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Comrade Debo Ogunlolu started this petition to United Nations and

The negative impacts of the dilapidated state of the Atan-Agbara Industrial Estate road on individuals, communities, and the corporate bodies are enormous and destructive to the health of individuals, the corporate bodies, and  communities in these affected areas are also counting their loses. To the individuals, lives were lost on this particular road through various accidents, more than five people died miserably on this road, many had sustained lifetime injuries on this road. The commuters on the road spend more than twenty four hours on the road at times. The journey of just thirty (30) minutes has turned out to be two (2) hours. The travails and languish are becoming unbearable. 

To the corporate organizations, different companies operating in Ado-Odo\Ota Local Government of Ogun state of Nigeria are finding it difficult to cope with challenges faced on the road, here are few of these challenges;

Late of resumption of their employees thereby impacting negatively on the attainment of their production plans and objectives. 

Fall of trucks conveying their finishes products leading to destruction of those products thereby resulting in loss instead of profit maximization. Some of these companies are out of operations as a result of the bad.

There is decline in the job creation in the affected area because the companies are closing down their operations.

The Government agencies cannot even generate their expected internal revenues because of the inaccessibility of these communities and individuals are becoming hostile to the government agents too.

The development of these communities are hampered because of the bad state of the road, for example, Igbesa was declared free trade zone, but how many companies are ready to invest in an environment where basic amenities are lacked?

I used this medium to appeal to the authorities concerned to proactively and pragmatically respond to their plights of the people and corporate bodies resident in this particular industrial estate  just to ensure the safety of lives, properties and to guarantee the continuous existence of the companies and to attract new investors.

The rehabilitation of the dilapidated road will also ensure rapid development of of these communities and check rural-urban migration to some extent.

Urgent attentions of the state Government and the Federal Government on the Atan-Agbara Industrial Estate road will be highly appreciated. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!