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We all know that since the early 1900's that plastic has steadily become more mass produced each year with no end in sight. Nowadays we are all aware of the problems that plastic can cause in the enviroment but it has been difficult for our society to change this habit.

The new generation of youth want to still have a planet and that's why we are offering what we think could be the biggest step in this race against plastic production. 

Green rating is a new way to fight agaist plastic production by targeting the market, we want to offert a system that will provided a rating to each business to assess it's overall eco-friendliness so that consumers thoroughly understand what type of business they are supporting. Our goal is to implement this same rating system with not only businesses but each individual product on the market as well. However, we know that change needs to happen step by step and are willing to put in the time and effort to make this happen but we need the publics support.

With this policy we're hoping to alter consumers shopping habits and patterns. With our policy consumers will throughly understand the industries they are supporting and where they should be spending their money to ensure that the planet will still be habitable in the next 30-40 years and hopefully continue to stay that way for generations to come. 

You can visit our website for more details and for our contact information: