Annie Wu and Pansy Ho DO NOT represent Hong Kong citizens

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Don’t let Annie Wu and Pansy Ho legitimise or justify the HK Authorities’ human rights violations in front of the UN Human Rights Council. Make it clear they do not represent you!

As Hong Kong ("HK") business women Pansy Ho and Annie Wu prepare to give a speech at the United Nations ("UN") it is imperative that the esteemed delegates of the UN Human Rights Council understand the real motivations behind their decision to do so. In fact not only is it important that delegates see their speech for what it is, an attempt to kowtow to the HK government and the Chinese Communist Party and secure favourable economic consideration for the commercial empire their families own, but also to understand that Pansy Ho and Annie Wu most certainly DO NOT represent Hong Kong citizens.

We (the undersigned) beseech the honourable delegates of the United Nations to see that not only do they not represent the interests of the average HK citizen, but that if anything they represent the financial elite of HK which makes up less than 1% of the population. Their suggestion that the HK police force have been justified in their use of force serves to highlight how out of touch they are from reality and the concerns of the average Hong Kong’er. Indeed having been born with silver spoons in their mouths they will never have to concern themselves with the prospects of liberty and equality (both social and economic) that protesters are fighting for and have conveniently turned a blind eye to the numerous instances of police brutality that have at this point been well documented. Additionally their suggestion that protesters make up only a small percent of HK’s population is to ignore the turnout of 1 million plus residents of HK who took to the streets in protest.

We sincerely hope that this petition will encourage delegates not to take their speech at face value but to understand the commercial motivations behind the speech and realise that they do not represent Hong Kong or its citizens who are right now fighting for their futures, but rather is an attempt to white wash the many instances of human rights violations that have taken place in Hong Kong over the last three months. This includes police firing tear gas at peaceful crowds and in enclosed spaces without warning, pepper spraying journalists, firing beanbag rounds and rubber bullets indiscriminately and countless instances of excessive force and brutality resulting in hospitalisation and permanent injuries/disabilities to HK citizens.