Black Soot Pollution in Rivers State: Nowhere to run. Minority lives matter!

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Agony of the minorities and the tragedy of  oil rich people. Land polluted, oil on waters and now particles in the air, extinction is a possible history on course, except... Never again has been a global phrase of solidarity for our common humanity. Yet genocide takes creeps in with claws of pollution against the minorities for the survival of majorities. global silent is treason!  

Black Soot is a major air pollution problem with resultant high health risk in Rivers State. Over the last three years, residents and community people are coming down with sever respiratory challenges, especially children and pregnant women.

Records from Rivers State Ministry of Environment, shows daily level of 270 microgram per cubic meter, 10x WHO thresh hold.

It is important to state that, if this trends continues, there is likely hood of 4 persons dying out of every 10 per month due high level of air pollution (black Soot) of Black particulate matter of size 2.5 microns (PM2.5).

I therefore call for urgent global action

Kanne, Rogers Bariture (, +2348065768366)

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