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An end to the on-going war in Syria

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On 4th of April 2017, the current anarchic regime deployed chemical weapons against innocent civilians in Syria, taking the constantly rising death toll to a new extreme. The chemical weapons included the extremely toxic Sarin Gas, known to cause a violent death.

Imagine yourself, your parents or your loved ones, struggling to breath and dying a violent and horrific death in front of your eyes. 

Now, turn on the news. If you don't sign this petition, humanity is lost forever. Because if one of us deserves to die a terrible untimely death, then maybe we all do. 

I am a nobody. I am not even Syrian or Muslim or American or Chinese or French. I am first and foremost a human being. Created differently from all other beings of this planet and made capable of loving a stranger, understanding the working of our most innate nature and learning from even the hardest surroundings, and so I am the ruler of all animals on this planet. But once compared to the might of the Universe, the only thing that makes me special is my ability to LOVE and CARE. And that is the only way to live this difficult life that we all share.

Let us join hands in unison, and bring an end to what has been the most devastating loss of human life in the post World War era. 

Please, I request you all. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Remember Hitler's Germany. Remember that if our inaction means the doom of innocents, then all of us deserve to perish.

Let's talk about Syria. Let's save Syria. 

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