Alleviate man-made suffering

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Primeval Mind

Even though evolution is a wonderfully creative process that has brought into being the diverse range of species that earth has had over billions of years, this creative force is also a part of a much larger, violent and destructive process. Life on earth became possible only because of the regular bombardment of asteroids, meteoroids, and violent volcanic eruptions that dominated the early life of the planet. When the very early life forms on the planet came into being the world was still an extremely hostile place and these life forms had to survive extremely inhospitable conditions, they had to be extremely tough and ruthless to survive in those conditions and only the toughest and the ruthless survived. The world has seen catastrophic events many times in its history and life on earth had to continually adapt to these rapidly changing extremely harsh inhospitable conditions and only the toughest and the most ruthless survived and these traits are still present in modern species including human.


Man-made suffering

All living beings endure suffering in one form or another and man is no exception however given man’s ingenuity it is surprising that thousands of years after start of man’s journey to civilization man is still inflicting suffering indiscriminately on all living beings. A pragmatic solution to alleviate man-made suffering without any religious, cultural or political bias that is applicable to one and all regardless of their social, intellectual or economic status must be found if humanity were to continue on their evolutionary journey smoothly.


Not all suffering is man made, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis etc or diseases and illness such as dementia, cystic fibrosis, haemophilia etc can cause unimaginable suffering to those who are affected and their families however these are not man-made suffering in fact man’s ingenuity has helped to reduce suffering caused by natural causes through scientific and technological advancements however there is no sign of ending for suffering caused by man.


In order to eradicate man-made suffering it is important to understand the causes of man-made suffering.


The reasons for man-made suffering

Man-made suffering has been growing steadily over the past few thousands of years yet humanity has not been able to liberate themselves from this evil menace, not because they lack wisdom, there had been many great sages such as Buddha, Jesus and thousands more who try their best to teach humanity good virtues yet man’s selfish desires, greediness, anger, fear, jealousy, vindictiveness and whole raft of other negative emotions prevail to this day. With the formation of nation states and appearance of the governing elite, the social inequality was institutionalized. Modern day man-made suffering can be traced back to this period of human history where few rulers began to rule over the general populations. The division of labour such as animal husbandry, agriculture, mining, domestic servants etc made humans loose their ability to control their own destiny, they were enslaved because they were no longer in charge of fulfilling their needs by themselves although specialization increased the productivity which enabled larger proportion of the population fulfilling their needs relatively easily than otherwise possible, the main negative consequence of specialization was that resources were no longer shared equally neither were the rewards due to the simple fact, the excessive greed of the rulers. Form time to time general population revolted against these excesses of the ruling classes and the system of governance have evolved many time over the past few thousands of years but even though the new systems that replaced the old had more potential to better serve the man than before they all end up been less than perfect simply because those who administer these systems were imperfect.


Human desire, greed, anger, fear, jealousy, vindictiveness and other negative emotions are on the rise and it has been on the rise ever since beginning of civilization because people who are controlling the resources have almost always been accumulating power and wealth unscrupulously, creating an unjust society, it is an undisputed fact that collective wealth and power of the plutocrats are greater today than ever before and it is rising. It is a natural consequence of this rising inequality that man-made suffering is on the rise, it is important to notice that in an inequitable society everyone suffers including the plutocrats who control the resources. The ordinary person suffer because of unfair distribution of resources and the plutocrats suffer due to social conditioning i.e. the plutocrats have to feed their ever expanding ego and compete with fellow plutocrats for supremacy they are also in constant turmoil often unable to lead a normal family life.


It is not that man has not made any progress in reducing suffering, in the past slavery, torture, abusing women and children were generally accepted by every society as normal behaviour however these forms of suffering are receding in the world but at the same time other forms of suffering such as human trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking, and other forms of organised crimes are on the rise and needless the say these crimes increases human suffering.  It seems as if though there is a law of conservation of suffering because when one type of man-made suffering is receding another will take its place and the net result is that totality of man-made suffering has not come down instead what is happening is that not only one type of suffering is been replaced by another but the magnitude of suffering and the reach of  suffering is widening such as the greed of the investment bankers, property speculators etc causing untold suffering to hundreds of  millions of people today instead of physical torture or slavery has done for few million people in the past. The primary reasons for man-made suffering rising rapidly and spreading fast to every aspect of human life is the greed, desire, anger, hatred, envy and other negative human emotions that are on the rise and with the advancing technology it has become easier for the perpetrators to reach their potential victims.


The mistake is that we are focusing on containment of symptoms rather than attacking the cause, when the society tries to fix one problem the wicked people turns their attention somewhere else and we have been playing this game for the thousands of years and we haven’t got anywhere. The choice we have is to keep on playing the same game or re-think our strategy. Think of the people smugglers, drug gangs and terrorist, are we closer to beating them or are they getting smarter and stronger? Of course one day in future the people smuggling, illegal drug dealing, terrorism etc will come to an end just like slavery, torture, discriminations etc was eradicated or at least drastically reduced by majority of the world’s nations however that will not be the end of man-made suffering because the people with selfish desire would ruthlessly pursue a different path to fulfil their desires, just like it has happened over thousands of years in the past, it will continue to happen only the style and sophistication will change.      

The fundamental problem is that we are all been conditioned to focus on individual aspects of life single-mindedly such as passing exams, getting a job, buying nice things etc disregarding the consequences. A rational person would make sensible decisions such as living within their means but not everyone is a rational person, some wouldn’t know the limit they will become greedier and wanting more and then there are others who want all the nice things but they just don’t want to work hard for them instead they will turn to illegal activities. 

The way out of man-made suffering

The awareness of the suffering is the key e.g. unless a pregnant mother is not aware of the harm her action would cause to the foetus she see no reason to change her lifestyle choices, similarly if everyone become aware of the consequences of their actions and the harm they causes both to themselves and to others then they would be much more mindful of their action e.g. most people have stop driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol because they are aware of the dangers that it can cause. It is important to note the awareness is profound understanding as oppose to knowledge, there are billions of people do things that can cause harm to themselves and their friends and family despite been knowledgeable of the negative consequences of their actions, this is because knowledge alone is not enough to change peoples deeply ingrained habits. It is only deep awareness of actions and there consequences that make people strive for positive life style changes, the true nature of deep awareness is a difficult concept to grasp and a detail description of deep awareness and how everyone can gradually achieve such status is described in details at a later stage of this essay.

Because all suffering is inter connected the most pragmatic solution is to universally reduce suffering without wasting our energy trying to isolate one strand of suffering and trying to alleviate only that strand because not only over the past few thousands of years this strategy has failed to deliver but with the technological advancements and world getting closer and closer together it will become increasingly harder to trace the origins of problems e.g. a factory may be emitting toxic gases in to the atmosphere and the jet streams will carry it for thousands of miles and cause suffering to someone else in a different geographical location or online fraudster can cause suffering to someone may thousands of miles away. What is happening is that causes of suffering becoming more and more complex with the technological advancement and the methods of inflicting suffering is becoming widely available therefore it is clear that compartmentalizing suffering and trying to tackle man-made suffering by isolating them has never worked since beginning of civilization and it is most unlikely they will work in the future either. Obviously isolating natural causes of suffering by contain them and finding solutions to them has made man’s quality of life and life expectancy very high therefore we must continue down that path to reduce suffering caused by natural causes such as natural disasters or deadly deceases however for man-made suffering this method is not very effective and a different solution is necessary.


Alleviating man-made suffering with in a life time is not an impossible task, it seems impossible because we have not understood the true nature of man-made suffering, it is fuelled by greed, desire, anger, fear, jealousy and other negative human emotions and we are not thinking seriously about how to control them. Whilst it is very difficult to change harden criminals, greedy plutocrats etc we can teach our young to be considerate, be mindful of their actions and the consequences of their actions, that way we can gradually eradicate man-made suffering.


If we do nothing and let the world continue as it is then the greedy will become greedier, angry will become angrier and so on. We might curb greedy bankers or angry terrorist but unless the underline greed, desire, anger and other negative emotions were not tamed suffering will continue. This is not a suggestion of conservation of suffering, the suggestion is that unless the underline greed, desire, anger etc of the society is treated they will simply find another outlet therefore the most economical way to reduce man-made suffering is to treat the underline problem i.e. out of control emotions such as anger, desire, greed, jealousy etc, reversing the current negative spiral which is creating more desire, more greed, more anger and replace it with a virtues spiral where conscientious behaviour leads to even higher conscientious behaviour.


The obvious question is how to teach good virtues to everyone with in few generations because the world don’t have either the resources nor the political will to embark on such a virtues venture and most power brokers in the world would wrongly see this as a threat  to their way of life. Politicians and their plutocratic allies would naturally assume that a world fill with ethical and moral people with good virtue will stop them abusing power and will stop them amassing wealth and power, which in their eyes is regressive however this view is not accurate because it is not possible to compare values and virtues of the post civilised society with current values and virtues. In a post civilised society everyone will be a winner including the politicians and their plutocratic allies because in such a society people’s thoughts and actions will only have positive consequences both for themselves and for the society at large. 


lasting solution to man-made suffering was not found until now however with the advent of  the digital technology, implementing a software guided virtual coaching technology at every level of the society including school, business, charities, non-profit organizations, general households, retirement homes, government organization etc in every part of the world and simultaneously improving people’s awareness of man-made suffering and there negative consequences has the potential to alleviate man-made suffering from the world for the first time in human history.  Obviously the solution should be appealing to everyone, it should be a pragmatic solution that can win the hearts and minds of everyone, it should also bring benefits to everyone regardless of their social, political or economic status to ensure widespread uptake of the technology because only if the uptake is higher than the creation of new perpetrators it is possible to eradication of man-made suffering.


This virtual coaching technology, namely Highly Evolved Real-time Awareness Tapping Hypothesis (HERATH) will not only help participating individuals to figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are but also help them to identify their positive and negative traits. Once the participants have gained a deep awareness about themselves they can gradually begin to improve their strengths and positive traits whilst overcoming their weaknesses and negative traits. Over time this will make all participants gradually become ethical, moral, and conscientious people, because modern technology can reach a global audience simultaneously, it is possible to create a virtuous cycle which will eventually alleviate man-made suffering.


Highly Evolved Real-time Awareness Tapping Hypothesis (HERATH)

HERATH is a universal application that can help anyone to improve their productivity with any task they undertake. It will help the user improve any aspect of their personal, social or professional life and it will also enable the user and their organizations to consistently monitor performance both against past performances of themselves as well as against their peers and the wider society.  HERATH can be used by businesses to improve performance of their employees and to monitor the organizations performance against the competition, public sector and not-for-profit sector can also employ HERATH to improve their productivity.


Firstly the component parts of the hypothesis are examined, once the function of each component is clear, how they can help to reduce man-made suffering is examined. The components of “Totality” of suffering and the components of HERATH must be examined in-depth, carefully contemplating the non-trivial meaning of each component and their interconnectivity. After that its practical applications and how it can help alleviate man-made suffering is discussed.


Totality - Any action or thought an individual or an organization undertake. Totality can be divided in to three main components as follows


(1). Determinate – Component parts that are known and measurable

(2). Indeterminate –Component parts that are known yet difficult to measure

(3). Unknown-Unknowns -   Component parts that are neither known nor measurable


Therefore the Totality equation would be as follows;


Totality (T) = Determinate (D) + Indeterminate (I) + Unknown-Unknown (UU). 


Totality equation can be applied to all aspects of life however unless otherwise stated it is totality of suffering that is been discussed. In order to understand true nature of man-made suffering, basic characteristics of suffering must be understood. The reason why most people find it difficult to overcome suffering is because only a portion of the “Totality” of suffering has an exact and clearly definite nature, this lack of clarity leads to ignorance which perpetuate suffering.  


If “Totality” comprise of “Determinate” only, it would be very straight forward to bring suffering under control however the complexity lies in “Indeterminate” and “Unknown-Unknown” components of the “Totality”. “Indeterminate” are causes that are not very well understood, it is difficult to measure the exact nature of them however the sufferer is at least partially aware of them, the sufferer would have an vague idea about these causes even though they are not in a position to completely comprehend the true nature of them whilst “Unknown-Unknown” are a total mystery, not only its impact is unknown but its existence is also unknown.


Determinate - if a person falls ill immediately after consuming contaminated food then that person can be virtually certain the food they just consumed was causing the problem and they can avoid consuming that type of food in future and avoid getting ill again. In this simple example the “Totality” of suffering comprised only of “Determinate” and the person was able to detect the primary course of their suffering and overcome it easily.

Indeterminate – if a person feels uncomfortable after meals, most meals, then that person would have a vague idea that something in the food is causing them feel uncomfortable but they are not certain what exactly is causing their discomfort therefore alleviating this discomfort is harder however by trial and error or with the help of a medical professional this person can eventually figure out what is causing them the discomfort. Once the offending food item is removed the person can overcome their suffering.

Unknown-Unknown – if a person consume excessive amount of sugar in their diet and they also enjoy the taste of sugar then that person is not only unaware of what is harming them but also they are unaware that harm is caused in the first place. Since the person is totally ignorant of their suffering until they start having health issues in the future, it is very difficult to overcome this type of suffering without good help and guidance.       


If the “Indeterminate” and “Unknown-Unknown” components of “Totality” is high then suffering and the likelihood of continuation of suffering is high. Therefore the prime objective of HERATH is to help the victims of man-made suffering to decipher “Indeterminate” and “Unknown-Unknown” component of “Totality” of suffering. It may sound contradictory to say some components of “Totality” of suffering are “Indeterminate” or “Unknown-Unknown” yet  HERATH can decipher them, one might argue if HERATH can decipher them, how can they be “Indeterminate” or “Unknown-Unknown” in the first place?  The answer to that question is; unless a person has gained highly evolved real-time awareness, as explained later in this essay, it is harder to overcome man-made suffering when it contains “indeterminate” and “unknown-unknown” components, which is to say that victims of man-made suffering have to learn to decipher the causes of suffering through accumulated wisdom and HERATH is the vehicle that helps them to gain enough wisdom to understand causes of suffering and find their own unique path out of man-made suffering. If HERATH is widely used by as many people as possible then the society would gain enough collective wisdom, not only on how to stop been victims of man-made suffering but also on how to stop causing man-made suffering. HERATH will not only help wisdom blossom early it will also brings about new wisdom that would otherwise never have come about, this increase in wisdom within a society have a positive correlation with the quality of life of that society.  


In order to explain how HERATH can be a pragmatic solution to man-made suffering, an examination of the components of HERATH and how they can help alleviate man-made suffering is discussed below. The eight components are: (1). Narrow Field-of-Vision, (2). Intuitive Experience, (3). Knowledge, (4). Awareness, (5). Awareness Cycle, (6). Sphere of Awareness, (7). Highly Evolved Awareness, (8). Highly Evolved Real-time Awareness.


“Narrow Field of Vision” - is defined as the narrow area a person would tend to focus on when they are engaged in a thought or an activity. An individual is fundamentally a collection of their thoughts and actions. An hypothetical example of “narrow field of vision” would be; been a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbour, an employee, a colleague etc are different aspects of a typical woman’s life, if this person has a very narrow compartmentalized view of each aspect of their life and consider each aspect as separate and independent of each other then this person is said to have a “narrow field of vision”. When this person, with a very “narrow field of vision” makes a decision, such as, if they makes a decision in their capacity as an employee, that decision might not be compatible with “mother” aspects of their life or a decisions they make in their capacity as a friend, might not be compatible with “wife” aspect of their life because this person only focus exclusively on one aspect of their life when they make a decision simply because their inability to be mindful of interrelationship between different aspects of their life at the time of decision making. Whilst most of the consequences of this compartmentalised view of life will not cause much disruption to this person’s life, every now and then, their will be some decisions this person makes that will bring negative consequences as direct result of this incompatibility , and over time these negative consequence will compound and eventually cause serious suffering to that person as well as their friends and family therefore it is clear that “narrow field of vision” increases the probability of suffering, causing undesirable long-term consequence however if this person learn to widen their field-of-vision, then gradually these undesirable consequences will recede. The reason why it is difficult for a person to understand the true nature of suffering is due to complex “indeterminate” and “unknown-unknown” components of “totality” of suffering.


If majority of the society has a very “narrow field of vision”, then that society will suffer from man-made suffering. The “narrow field of vision” makes people instinctively focused on very narrow aspects of their life often in a very selfish way, if a large proportion of the society is acting in this way it will perpetuate man-made suffering e.g. large businesses such as an investment banks can have a very “narrow field of vision” as a consequence they can destroy the social fabric of a society and when the society starts to suffer as a direct consequence of their actions instead of “easing off the gas” and becoming less destructive these large organizations concoct  even more destructive schemes creating a vicious spiral which would intensify man-made suffering, these organization act in this way because they have a very “narrow field of vision”. In majority of the cases but not always, the “narrow field of vision” often has a short-term element attached to it because more often than not people with an impulsive nature tends to have a greater “narrow field of vision” than people who has cultivated the art of contemplation.       


“Impulsive Experience (of the present moment)”- When someone is making an impulsive decision or having an impulsive thought based on a very “narrow field of vision” without considering wider consequences of their actions then that is an “impulsive experience”. All “impulsive experiences” occurs at the present moment and every “impulsive experience” is a full or partial repercussion of the past “impulsive experiences” because they are habitual in nature. The one and only way to reduce man-made suffering is to gradually learn to control these “impulsive experience” of the present moment and eventually to become free from them. The primary reason why “impulsive experiences” create negative repercussions is the “narrow field of vision” and the primary reason for “narrow field of vision” is the “impulsive experiences” therefore these two forms a vicious circle that feeds off each other, perpetuating man-made suffering. The primary objective of this essay is to explore potential methods to break this vicious circle and alleviate man-made suffering. If someone is making a decision based on pure financial greed without considering wider externalities i.e. impact on their friends, family, society, environment, etc then this person is said to have a very “narrow field of vision” and this “narrow field of vision” is caused by their “impulsive experience” and their “impulsive experience” is caused by their “narrow field of vision”, they feeds off each other and compound suffering. This person may have had an “impulsive experience” or a chain of experiences such as wanting to gain their social standing or wanting to impress someone, they may decide to buy a luxury car to achieve these objectives. This chain of “impulsive experiences” by itself does appear to be harmless however this person might decide to engage in unethical business practises without thinking of the consequences because they are blinded by their desire. Now this person’s unethical actions (“narrow field of vision”) fuelled by their desires (“impulsive experience”) has got this person in a vicious circle because their unethical business practices are driven by their impulsive desires and their impulsive desires degenerate because of their unethical business practices.  Unless this cycle is broken this person’s actions will cause unnecessary man-made suffering. It is important to note that this person’s “impulsive experiences” were neither unethical nor immoral however this person’s inability to control their desires, in particular the impulsive nature of the desire, lead that person to embark on an unethical and immoral path causing unnecessary suffering. Had this person had the ability to decipher “indeterminate” and “unknown-unknown” components of suffering and identify the causes of suffering they would have not caused suffering or at least the suffering they caused would have been less severe and brief.     


“Knowledge”- “narrow field of vision” and “impulsive experience” for a prolonged period of time and the resulting vicious circle will compound suffering. The failure to understand the “indeterminate” and “unknown-unknown” components of suffering is the primary cause of suffering and continuation of suffering, the complexity involved in understanding the interconnectivity between different aspects of life and the inability to rein in “impulsive experience” makes it virtually impossible for an ignorant person to unshackle from suffering. If one can either through experience or through external help gradually begin to understand or feel the relationship between their actions and the subsequent suffering then they are said to have “knowledge” of suffering. “Knowledge” is neither conquering suffering nor fully comprehending suffering, merely a vague understanding of the possible causes of suffering. Most people with a basic education would posses “knowledge” of suffering, however they continue to suffer because they have not yet fully understand the interconnectivity between their “narrow field of vision”, “impulsive experience”, the resulting vicious circle, and suffering. However suffering of a person with “knowledge” of suffering is not as severe as that of an ignorant person because the “knowledge” they posses help them to realise the possible interconnection though they don’t fully understand them yet e.g. if an individual who has a stressful job consume unhealthy amount of alcohol daily in an attempt to cope with their stress, they might get some temporary relief from stress however they have not taken all consequences in to consideration when they made the “impulsive decision” to have alcohol, they are unaware of the long term health issues, their loss of productivity, the suffering caused to their family, and other external and internal costs. Regular consumption of large quantity of alcohol combined with the stress of the job might make them less healthy, this in turn will make them more stressed, and this increase in stress will result in an increase in consumption of alcohol, creating a vicious circle. This person’s inability to understand their “impulsive experiences” and their “narrow field of vision” have created a vicious circle primarily due to their inability to decipher “indeterminate” and “unknown-unknown” components of suffering. If this person either through experience or through external help begin to understand the connection between their actions and the suffering that follows albeit vaguely then they are said to have gain “knowledge” even though the “impulsive experiences”,” narrow field of vision”, the resulting vicious circle, and the suffering still exist, they are less severe than they would be without “knowledge”.     


“Awareness” – When someone gains “knowledge” of suffering they have a choice, they can either continue to have this vague understanding of the interconnectivity between “impulsive experiences”, “narrow field of vision”, the resulting vicious circle, and suffering, yet continue suffering due to lack of courage or desire to rise above it however it they are courageous and determined, they can try and understand suffering in-depth. If they decide to go down the latter path they will have to become mindful of their actions and learn to track their “impulsive thoughts”, “narrow field of vision”, the resulting vicious circle, and how these cause suffering. Over a period of time, their “knowledge” will become deeper and deeper and gradually they begin to develop a deep understanding of suffering, this deep understanding of suffering is defined as “awareness”. At this stage the person become aware of suffering and causes of suffering, every time they suffer or someone else suffer due to their actions they become aware of that suffering.


“Knowledge” has no influence over obsessive behaviour, impulsive behaviour or addictions such as gambling, alcohol and tobacco addiction, anger, hatred, desire etc hence the reason people with serious addictions or obsessive behaviour are referred to psychiatrist or a psychologist. The benefit of profession help in a situation like this is that the suffer gradually develop an “awareness” of the “narrow field of vision”, “impulsive experiences” and the resulting vicious circle, therefore they become mindful of the causes of suffering, as a result they will gain the ability to control the causes of suffering much better than before resulting in further lessening of the severity of suffering e.g. if the above mentioned person with an alcohol addiction as gain “awareness”, perhaps through professional help, they can make the connection between suffering and causes of suffering much more clearly, they will begin to see the vicious circle they have unwittingly created therefore they will be much more mindful of their actions especially of their “impulsive experiences” and that will result in lessening of suffering.


“Awareness cycle” – experience and external help will enable a person to understand their “impulsive experiences” ,“narrow field of vision” and become mindful of the resulting vicious circle and the suffering that follows, this will lead to “knowledge” and sustained period of deep “knowledge” would lead to “awareness”, with this “awareness” understanding of suffering becomes deeper and when a person live their life with this deep “awareness” of suffering for a sustained period of time, they begin to see suffering and causes of suffering much more clearly, gradually they will develop a strong desire to liberate form suffering, this process is called the “awareness cycle”. The unique feature of “awareness cycle” is that unlike before the person will have a deep desire to liberate from suffering, prior to that the person had an understanding of suffering and they made modest changes to reduce the severity of suffering but only when they enter the “awareness cycle” stage they will acquire a serious desire to liberate form totality of suffering. In the above example where the person suffering from alcohol addiction or obsessive behaviour, they many have attended many therapy sessions perhaps over a period of few years (depending on the severity of their problems) and have entered the “awareness cycle” stage, with that they will begin longing to be free form continuation of suffering. For the first time they will understand their actions are perpetuating suffering and they will realise the severity of suffering and difficulty of liberating from suffering and they will also understand, if they don’t change now it will become harder or even impossible in the future therefore they will genuinely desire to liberate from suffering


“Sphere of awareness” – With the awakening of “awareness cycle” the longing to liberate from suffering will intensify, as a result of this intensity the person will begin to develop an deep awareness of all most all aspects of their life and they begin to see the vicious circle much more clearly than ever before, as a result they become more and more mindful of causes of suffering and depending on the person, with in a few years of developing “awareness cycle” they begin to see the interactions between deferent aspects of their life and start noticing difficult to notice subtle relationships between different aspects of their life. This awakening of deep understanding will result in “narrow field of vision” broadening and eventually creating a “sphere of awareness”. When a person has this level of awareness the “narrow field of vision” will become virtually non-existent therefore their suffering and causes of suffering will greatly reduce. At this stage of awakening the vicious circle that occurs due to interactions between “narrow field of vision” and “impulsive experience” has also weaken, simply because there is lot less fuel to keep the fire raging. If we cast our mind back to the person who is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbour, an employee, a colleague etc, this person, after awakening their “sphere of awareness” can see how all these aspects of their life are interconnected and they will see how they were causing suffering before due to their ignorance, and they will develop an awareness of all aspects of their life and the interconnectivity between them so that the chances of their actions causing suffering will greatly diminish. It is important to notice that most people are capable of understanding the interrelationships between different aspects of their life however the challenge is to do so at the point of making decisions not retrospectively.                  


“Highly evolve awareness” – with the attainment of “sphere of awareness” and with diminishing “narrow field of vision” the person will begin to enjoy a life with very little suffering, and they begin to notice “impulsive experience” much frequently than before and they gradually develop the ability to distance from their “impulsive experiences”. It is important to note that “impulsive experiences” are involuntary actions and they are habitual by nature therefore distancing one’s conscious thoughts form these impulsive thoughts doesn’t happen automatically, one has to acquire those skills through development of awareness. This stage, where the “narrow field of vision” and the accompanying vicious circle have all but disappeared and where the “impulsive experience” has greatly weakened is called “highly evolved awareness”. At this stage the person will have a deep awareness of every aspect of their life and they will also have a deep understanding of causes of suffering therefore the suffering they cause will be at the lowest level it has ever been, this relative liberation from suffering energies the person to strive for complete liberation from suffering both internally and externally.


“Highly Evolved Real-time Awareness (HERA)” – Once the person has attained “highly evolved awareness” and they have all but concurred suffering, they will feel this experience highly liberating, as a result they will become highly energised and highly motivated, with this new found energy and motivation they would strive and concur the menace of “impulsive experience” and with that they would attain “highly evolved real-time awareness”. Their journey is now complete, they no longer suffer the consequences “impulsive experience”, and they have acquired the skill of stepping back and watch “impulsive experience” without interacting with them. Since there is no interaction with “impulsive experience” and there is a “sphere of awareness” of all aspects of their life, all causes of suffering has ceased therefore man-made suffering has ceased.


Highly evolved real-time awareness can bring suffering to a halt however until all members of a society attain HERA there is no guarantee suffering will stop completely therefore the most pragmatic solution to suffering is to device a plan to help everyone within a society attain HERA. Higher the number of people who has attained HERA lowers the likelihood of man-made suffering therefore the society must strive to help each other of attaining HERA which is a much productive method of bringing happiness than creating a segregated society. This world would naturally evolve down that path perhaps over thousands of years however for the first time in human history we have the potential to achieve this objective within a generation and creating a place filled with bliss, ecstasy and rapture on earth for everyone’s benefit. This is the greatest gift we could give to our future generations.       


Implications of HERATH

Now that the 8 components of HERATH are clear this is the moment to discuss the implications of HERATH, afterwards HERATH and its practical applications are discussed.


The end product of thousands of years of civilization is that vast majority of the human population still live their daily lives within very “narrow field-of-vision” and they have little or no control over their “impulsive experiences”. That is to say the vast majority of human population don’t or can’t track their “impulsive experiences” and their “narrow field of vision” therefore they can’t stop the resulting vicious circle that perpetuates suffering. Religion, law, customs, and other social protocols have played a significant role in stopping the society falling in to anarchy however there this immense man-made suffering in the world, which is a major destructive force that must be stopped.


Despite all the great educational institutions and communication technology in the world only a small minority of people attains “awareness” therefore many inhabitants of the world are unable to decipher “totality” of suffering and as a consequence they suffer. This is a fundamental problem of civilisation, instead of creating billions of people with “highly evolved real-time awareness” civilization has created billions of ignorant people therefore the civilisation is not fit for purpose and the time has come to discard civilization. Over the many thousands of years journey on civilization has merely provided us food, shelter, security, and other vital survival tools but civilization was not designed to combat man-made suffering. The primary reasons why civilization failed to address man-made suffering was partly because it was concentrating on survival and security which are much more pressing issue in the early days of civilization however it is continued to be focused on those primary needs and not evolving fast enough to serve the modern world. The civilization itself is one of the major causes of man-made suffering therefore it is unrealistic to expect it to solve the problems it is creating and only way to overcome man-made suffering is to discard civilization and creating a post civilized society free of man-made suffering.  


“Post Civilization” would be a world where overwhelmingly fast majority of people have gained “highly evolved real-time awareness” with only few thousand ignorant people.  However the transition from civilization to post civilization would be the most challenging endeavour humanity will ever undertake; it will make the struggle against slavery, torture, imperialism and all other forms of discriminations of the past pale in comparison because this transition will perceived to be threatening to current social segregation model such as nationalities, race, gender, wealth, power, education, beauty, education etc that are currently held in high esteem.         


Since majority of world’s plutocrats, politicians, and other leaders have not attained “awareness” or not even intend to attain awareness, their decisions are generally tend to based on “narrow field of vision” and “impulsive experience” therefore they will contribute to the creation on multiplication of the vicious circle of suffering. It is not that people are intentionally creating suffering but their ignorance is failing them. Most of these people will perceive post civilisation as a great threat to their way of life and it will take many decades to gradually convince them that is not the case because the values that governs the post civilization are infinitely more superior to values at present and under post civilization there will be no winners or losers in fact the whole concept of discrimination will be redundant. When practically every inhabitant of the world has gained “highly evolved real-time awareness” and when all actions taken by them are free of negative consequences then all forms of man-made suffering will cease to exist. People with a very “narrow field of vision” might find this concept very difficult to understand therefore they will resist change. 




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