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Afrin Children

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Who is right who is wrong is Not our Concern. We under signatories are asking United Nations and Mr B Moon to pass resolutions to compel PYD, YPG,YPJ,, KCK etc to let civilians leave Afrin ASAP without delay. 

Turkey possesses NATO biggest Army after USA, They are engaged in warfare with .  PKK,YPG etc who have recieved 4000-5000 trailer/containers of arms,weapons and immunisations  to fight Daesh and use them to fight Turkey now. Both parties armed to the teeth. Civilians have to be kept out of these affairs.. 

 YPG is throwing rockets to Kilis and Hatay and Aziz towns in Turkey and around the area.. Turkey doesnt stop civilians to leave those cities because Turkish army does not need civilian  and Turkey is already hosting 3.5 million refugees from Syrian already. The same can not be said about PYD, YPG and others.. 

I lived through 28 days siege of Sanandaj capital city of Kurdistan province of Iran in spring of 1981. The rebel Kurdish groups similar to YPG & YPJ were using children and young people like me to go and talk to civilians to convince them not to  leavie the city because if they leave Peshmargas will lose moral to fight and Pasdars will reclaim the city and rape all women and children. We were making up all sorts of stories to achieve our goal.  

 People were made to feel like traitors if they would manage to get out to a safe place. We were playing these dirty tricks and those civilians with lower awareness and less money and not having transport would fall into our traps and  stay. 5000 people were slaughtered as a result. That is why I am making this petition for the same thing not to happen in Afrin. I am making my apology for my past mistakes this way.

Parties in arm conflict whether organised armies or rebel groups must have the gut to fight counting on their arms and weapons and their own preparations and not to use civilian as human shield. It is disgusting egoistic sick to use elderly man and women and in particular children for political propaganda.  

I know from experience as a Kurd this is what YPG is doing. They need civilians in Afrin for many reasons some of which is to provide them with food medicine shelter and moral support but more importantly with nowadays social media tools for  publicity gain against their opponent.  They use those babies and children pictures With faces covered in blood tears dust and eyes frozen in horror and fears to their political advantage. Its unforgivable. 

We want civilians out NOW. 


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