Give Climate Refugees the protection they need

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We, the People, petition the Governments of the world & United Nations Member States to include "forced to flee their homes because of climate stressors causing natural disaster" by amending Article 1 of the 1951 Convention & Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees

People who are forced to flee their homes because of natural disaster caused by climate change are not recognised by nations because they are not fleeing war, persecution or violence and are not afforded the international protection they need! 

Climate change is something that threatens all of us, yet these people have experienced great loss that they are forced to leave their homes, families and children behind to seek shelter. 

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there are an annual average of 21.5 million people who have been forcibly displaced by weather-related onset hazards, such as floods, storms, wildfires & extreme temperatures each year since 2008. There is also high agreement among scientists that climate change, in combination with other drivers, is projected to increase displacement of people in the future. This number of 21.5 million people is only going to rise rapidly in years to come if refugees are not afforded the protection they deserve & the climate crisis is not solved. 

Climate refugees need our help, they are asking for our support, so let's show them that we care for their lives and are able to put someone else's needs above our own. It has also become increasingly clear that young people care about climate change and want to make a difference. Until we solve the climate crisis, "environmental migrants" (climate refugees) numbers are going to continue to increase and millions of people will not be entitled to the protection they need and deserve. 

Sign this petition today, and let's change the world for the better, together. 

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