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A Call for U.N. Backed Nuclear Disarmament

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The prevalence of nuclear weapons has become an omnipresent subject in today's news. Since the institution of such devices at the Los Alamos Laboratory, their use has been described by scientists worldwide as irresponsible and dangerous. Given that, as of 2016, the global stockpile topped 16,000 nuclear weapons with several varieties of delivery systems, it can be assumed that the threat of human extinction by nuclear weapon has grown exponentially since their inception.

This petition is a call across countries for the United Nations to recognize the inherent threat that possessing these weapons poses to humanity, to push for all countries of the world to adopt the clauses of the Non-Proliferation Treaty that began enforcement in 1970, and to begin the push for all countries involved in the Non-Proliferation Treaty to begin adhering to the tenets set forth in the first two pillars: non-proliferation and disarmament.

This petition further calls for the leaders of the world to recognize that the threat of nuclear weapons is not a defense between nations but a threat between nations, and that the agreement to cooperate and assist in peaceful, global disarmament is the only peaceful method of revoking these threats.

Finally, this petition recognizes that a peaceful world relies on mutual aid and understanding on a global stage between all countries. The necessity of mutual respect and cooperation has never been greater, nor have the stakes ever been higher. As such, this calls for the United Nations to put together a process that will push all countries to agree to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and begin disarmament of their stockpiles with minimal threat to each country's sense of national security, going so far as implementing a cooperative review board capable of assessing each country's nuclear capabilities during the disarmament process and being composed of representatives from each nuclear-capable, nuclear-allied, or nuclear-conscious nation.

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