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36 month discontinued period of Jones Shafroth Act in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

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To: The United Nations & The United States of America Congress


On Tuesday, September 21st, 2017 with less than a 5-day notice period to properly prepare themselves and already experiencing the aftermath of the Category 5 Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico now was directly impacted by the Category 4, Hurricane María; the eyewall made landfall right off the south-east coast of Puerto Rico and continued its trajectory at 13 mph with winds of 150+ mph all the way to the north-west coast crossing the island, leaving the largest humanitarian crisis in the island behind. 

Let's not forget that Puerto Rico has a debt of more than $70 Billion, +  now all Hurricanes Irma & Maria damages to its already crumbled infrastructure.

The Island is experiencing a devastation never seen before... 

As of Thursday, September 29th of 2017 Puerto Rico has lost 100% of its power, leaving more than 3.5 million of habitants completely in the darkness, there is no food, there is no communication, there are little cash, gas, and resources left for the citizens in the mainland.

There have been tons of resources collected for the people of Puerto Rico stuck in the port for days, while people are dying in hospitals, and others are doing 5+hours in lines to get only $50.00 cash and $20.00 worth of gas, mysteriously, nobody in the Government seems to know how to get the help to the people. All of the sudden the Government of Puerto Rico once again seems to be tightened until the U.S.A. Army gets to the mainland.

WE THE PEOPLE are helping to clean the streets from all the debris, we are cooking and feeding our neighbors with whatever is left, we are helping on the rescue of stranded people from inaccessible areas. Still, 9-days after Hurricane Maria devastated the Island we've been denied access to the items that were collected for Puerto Rico's aid during this catastrophe. 

WE THE PEOPLE inside and outside of Puerto Rico are willing to directly assist in the recovery of our mainland in any possible way, including, taking this action to any International Court. More than food, water, communication, and all kind of supplies, we need clean & sustainable energy to avoid the collapse of our whole economy and social wellbeing. There are millions of citizens, Puerto Ricans, human beings, facing poverty, children unable to go to school and sleep safely at night. 

This is why, WE, THE PEOPLE OF PUERTO RICO respectfully request and urge the United Nations to intervene and to request the United States of America Congress for at least 36-month discontinued period of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones–Shafroth Act) for Puerto Rico after hurricane’s Irma & María's impact.

We understand we cannot request any additional government funds due to our economic status, but something needs to be done. The Jones Act has been strangling our economy since the 1920's and together with the incompetent's and fraudulent administrations have turned Puerto Rico into an island where the sun shines and the chaos reign, we are desperate in need of reasonable, feasible solutions, for once. 

During this humanitarian crisis, we, Puerto Ricans understand that everybody inside and outside of Puerto Rico must come together as a nation to work hard to recover from not only the financial crisis but from the historic humanitarian crisis that is affecting our mainland. We must become innovators, entrepreneurs to freely and legally enter trade agreements and beneficial businesses with other nations, so we can repay the billionaire debt that we already have with Wall Street without having to sacrifice the well-being of Puerto Ricans and U.S.A. citizens.

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones–Shafroth Act it’s a very outdated law signed on June 5, 1920, that needs to be amended now more than ever so we, Puerto Rico, avoid placing a stronger financial burden on the United States of America economy as well. Studies by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York already have indicated that the Jones Act hindered economic development in Puerto Rico. WE PLEASE PLEAD FOR A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME WITH NO JONES ACT IN PUERTO RICO AFTER THE DIRECT IMPACT OF HURRICANE MARIA. 

Please support and help us Puerto Ricans to get a release from a strong economic burden that has been holding us back for more than a decade, allow us a 36-month period without having to abide by the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones–Shafroth Act) which has been playing a very strong financial burden in our economy since the 1920's. Puerto Rico has the need to engage in economic activity with the rest of the world so we can stimulate our economy and make our Country a prosperous one. 

On September 28th, 2017, the President of the U.S.A. Mr. Donald Trump has lifted the Jones Act for only a 10-day period. 

Clearly, a 10-day period is not enough for Puerto Rico to have the opportunity to rebuild themselves amid the worst humanitarian and economic crisis in the history of the island.

Again, we respectfully request a 36-month period without having to abide by the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones–Shafroth Act) We need to face our realities, to pay our debt, and most importantly to provide a first-class quality of life to every single Puerto Rican in the mainland.  

We are willing to learn from our past mistakes, to work hard and to unify as resilient and responsible citizens so we can rebuild our beautiful paradise. 

We hope to welcome you all soon! The Puerto Rico of tomorrow will be better than the one María took with it…

Please SOS! 

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