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15 months without salary in Kogi State Nigeria, sign petition to save a life

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15 good months and some group of workers and pensioners are yet to receive salary, "I don't have the slightest idea how the Governor and his cohorts expects these set of people to survive " most of this people have no other means of income hence people die on the steady because of hunger and sickness, why? Because most can no longer foot their bills and that of their family's, some of these people's children are out of school and most are left with no choice but to beg which is not a sure means of income.

The Governor's initial argument was that he was carrying out a screening to fish out ghost workers "i.e salary being paid to nonexistent workers which at the end goes to the perpetrators' account" but that is not what he has done at the end, he is simply punishing people who have worked hard through out the year in penury for a pay with no clear explanation.

That aside the exercise was said to have ended for some months now and the list handed over to the Governor, yet till date no payment has been made to the affected workers, no clear explanations of why so, no apologies, no concern instead he buys bags of rice with his pictures widely spread on them that he is alleviating hunger "how do you alleviate hunger with just a bag of rice when you can give this people their money to eat healthy food and take care of all their financial needs" of which the said bags of rice might not even get to all the affected.

This is simply inhumane and unfair for a man to be treated with such nonchalant wickedness on his own father land and what amazes me is no one have seen the need to come out and speak up. Hence please I urge you, if you are a human and don't want to see your fellow human in penury, suffering, their dreams for them and their children gradually being flushed down the drain because of one man's unclear agenda, non-chalance and ego, kindly sign this petition till it gets to those who can intercede for this set of people and the Governor in question.

Thank you

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