Make Sajith Leader of UNP

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Ranil Wickremesinghe is a classic example of big time failure. During his Leadership of 25 years he failed to form a UNP led government . After President Wijethunge , UNP could not make a UNPer a President. In 2010 and 2014 UNP did not field a UNP Leader as Candidate for Presidency. 

He never allowed 2nd tier Leadership to emerge. In the last Presidential election Wickremesinghe ignored demands to appoint Sajith Premadasa as Presidential Candidate in time making it difficult for Sajith to organise.  Ranil discreetly jeopardized Sajith's campaign and it is not a secret anymore. 

In this backdrop we demand that Serial Loser Wickremesinghe step down as Leader of UNP immediately and   Sajith Premadasa be given his due place in the party as its  Leader unconditionally . Repeat unconditionally. And may he appoint an interim committee until a new group of office bearers appointed formally under his Leadership.