Stop Premium Times Media Blackmail Against Fulani's..

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Premium times is one of the leading news agency in Nigeria. Recently, they publish that Mr Chiroma of Miyetti Allah make a statement that the attacks by herdsmen in plateau was a retaliation of the killings of 300 cows in last week's by the villagers.

This reports creates tension in the society leading to the villagers along Birom, Barikin Ladi to block highways and kill many innocent people that they think are either fulanis or Muslims and anybody they think is not one of them.

Unfortunately, only for this same media agency (Premium times) to come out and apologies that the report acreadited to Mr Chiroma has no source as there is no video, audio or written statement to back this sensitive report. Mr Chiroma is at liberty or either accept this apology or sue them for damages but what of the innocent lives that were lost base on this fake report.

The media agencies in nigeria are the major contributors in the recent escalation of tribal and religious conflicts in nigeria. They hide under freedom of press to publish unconfirmed and fake news in supporting there narrative putting the Nigeria's unity in great denger.

Ethics in journalism didn't includes news agencies to publish news that might creates unrest among citizenry especially if the story is not verified..

Let's sign this petition to teach other media agencies in Nigerian lesson.