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War criminals receive death penalty for the atrocity of 1971 in Bangladesh

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This petition is important to bring justice to 3 million families. Many in the world history still think the most significant struggle in early 70’s Asia took place in Vietnam. It took 9 months, 3 million civilian deaths, two hundred thousand women to be raped by Pakistani military and their local collaborators for the birth of Bangladesh. By declaring these murders collectively as an act of genocide and ensuring that proven war criminals will get the maximum punishment in the rule of law of Bangladesh, will bring this matter to the global community. This by itself will be recognition for the independence movement of Bangladesh, and also other countries who are trying to seek justice in the rule of law for similar circumstances can take these trials as a model for their cases. By ensuring the maximum punishment possible in the rule of law, the global community can use these trials as a model to warn anyone person or group of people responsible at present for any ongoing regional, communal, international or ethnic atrocities that the maximum punishment for proven crime against humanity will not go unpunished.
For any civilized society the worst crimes committed is murder-be that one or a million, rape be that one or thousands, ethnic cleansing, arson, extradition, loot. All these took place in the span of only 9 months in Bangladesh which started with the mass murders of March 25, 1971. Since then till December 16, 1971 systematically Pakistani Army and their collaborators ensured that Bangalee as a race are eliminated, crippled intellectually or become obedient colony of military rulers. As a result millions died, left their home and became refugee in India and almost every family lost a loved one. Now that the trials of the local collaborators have started and in two cases verdicts also came, we want to ensure that in those two cases and in all other upcoming cases proven guilty collaborators of 1971 as war criminals are ensured the maximum punishment in Bangladesh i.e. death penalty, so we can bring closure to all those families who has lost loved ones. Seeking death penalty for them is not as revenge but to ensure present and future generations all round the world that if crime against humanity is committed, regardless how long it takes for the world to react, when they will, they will seek the maximum punishment for these criminals. Bangladesh Government should seek death penalties for all proven collaborators and United Nation should declare the crimes against humanity of 1971 as an act of genocide so Bangladesh can seek justice for her people in Bangladesh and also against those responsible from Pakistan internationally.

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