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help resolve the Sino-British Joint Declaration issue with China

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There is ample evidence that the Chinese Government in Peking as well as their Liaison Office in Hong Kong have broken their promise of Hong Kong's autonomy in all of its internal affairs, as enshrined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration and embodied in Article 22 of the Basic Law. Local papers have reported that the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong has been lobbying the electors in the 2012 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election, as well as putting pressure on the local media. Hence, China has in effect broken the Basic Law and torn up the Joint Declaration. All that is needed are the official declarations by Peking, London, Hong Kong, or the United Nations.
The British Government has been looking the other way all along. They told the Parliament in February 2012 that the "One Country, Two Systems' principle [had] worked well and that the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Joint Declaration [continued] to be respected." That is self-deceiving and irresponsible, leaving three million British Nationals in Hong Kong to their own devices.
The Chinese Liaison Office's illegal meddling in this local election has thrown Hong Kong into political chaos, which is exactly what the "One-Country-Two-Systems" is supposed to prevent, and, more significantly, proved that the People's Republic of China has been violating the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which can now be seen as null and void. International conventions oblige the United Kingdom, as a signatory to the Joint Declaration, to step in and help resolve the crisis.

25th March 2012

基於中聯辦干擾選舉,違反基本法22條及《中英聯合聲明》訂好的「除了國防和外交就是歸香港特區內部事務」, 不單令是次選舉及香港政局陷入混亂,更證明中華人民共和國沒有遵行聯合聲明,而可認定為已經失效。因此,英國作為《聯合聲明》另一方締約國,必須根據國際慣例介入,解決《中英聯合聲明》失效之事。


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