Mr Johnson, just one question when does self-preservation become cowardice?

Mr Johnson, just one question when does self-preservation become cowardice?

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Started by P Phillips

No one wants a conventional war with Russia and Belarus let alone a nuclear one. 

However, at what stage does appeasing Putin become something that Great Britain can not live with, even if it entails entering into such a conflict?

Unprovoked, Russia has invaded Ukraine, Putin's forces are bombing civilians, schools, infrastructure, cutting off electricity, water, food and medical supplies and assistance. Out of fear of escalating the conflict we have merely placed sanctions on Russia, and sending piecemeal military aid, both of these will take weeks or months to have an effect. 

In the face of what act then, by Putin and his forces will the collective consciousness and outrage of Great Britain demand that no matter the consequences, as our forebears did on August 4th 1914, and 3rd of September 1939 will we intervene with firstly an ultimatum, then a No Fly Zone, then a secure, enforced and enlarging safe zone, and then direct military engagement with Russian and Belarusian forces? This is not about the EU, or Nato, or America, this is about Great Britain, at what point do we prepare ourselves to act, because when we act, others will follow. 

Will it be when one million, two million, five million, ten million of the population have fled the country?

Will it be when civilian deaths from execution, artillery, starvation, exposure reach 1000, 2000, 10,000, 50,000?

Will it be when 1000, 5000, or 10,000 Ukrainian women have been assaulted by Russian and Belarusian forces?

Will it be when Russian and Belarusian special forces have assassinated President Zelensky and his wife and children?

Will it be when Russian and Belarusian hit squads have assassinated Ukraines ministers, army officers, civil leaders?

Will it be when Ukraines cities are carpet bombed into submission, as the Russian and Belarusian forces are too cowardly and incapable of taking them in a battle? Tactics that Putin and his forces have used before in Chechnya and Syria.

So, please PM Johnson, FS Truss and DS Wallace when does what is right, what is honorable override self preservation?

237 have signed. Let’s get to 500!