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Ban the breeding of Pheasants for shooting and Game Sports

Every year hundreds and thousands of pheasants are bred across Britain to be shot for sport. I believe this is a cruel sport. I in general view blood sports as barbaric and cruel in todays society. The countrysdie should be a place where biodiversity should take place. Pheasants may seem like stupid animals but they can be part of the natural food chain, prey for bigger species like birds of prey, foxes, badgers, stoats, weasels and the illusive Scottish Wild Cat. Often young pheasant eggs are taken by Game Keepers and are bred and brought up in artificial unnatural settings. Normally pheasants would be raised by their mothers in this setting all nature elements are removed completely. I also feel that by breeding them in vast numbers it allows more of them to be killed on Britians roads and be shot. As a country which has stood up for foxes, can you stand up for pheasants too. These creatures are every bit as nice as the fox.

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