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Raise people's awareness on depression

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Depression is a mental illness that affects the way a person feels, think, and act. but nowadays, a lot are having misconceptions on it. People are belittling this mental illness when, in fact, it shouldn't. Depression isn't just mere sadness, It isn't just laziness, or attention seeking. Depression is something deeper, and people who have it aren't shallow.

This mental illness makes people think they're not enough, that everything they do is never good, they think that no one cares and no one will be. They feel loneliness even when a lot of people are around them. The lack of knowledge about depression makes it look like this mental illness is a no biggie. Truth is, people suffers from it and anyone can have it, even the smartest kid in your room, the person who smiles a lot in your group, even you.

It can be cured, though. through medications and the help of therapy. But you, as a friend, can also help cure this illness. It is by letting the person with depression that you're there to listen and hug them when times are rough-- or all the time, since everyday and every hour can be a battle fro them. Erasing the thought of loneliness from them can be a big help. 

Please help us be heard and let everyone be fully aware about what depression really is by signing in this petition.

Don't let depression take someone's life again. Hug someone.

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