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Cover Fertility Treatments for Same-Sex Families Like Mine

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When New York legalized gay marriage three years ago, it felt like the dark days of inequality were coming to an end. I married my wife and we began planning to start a family.

That’s when we found out United Healthcare, my insurance company, doesn’t cover infertility treatments for gay couples and single people.  

 After several attempts at artificial insemination with a midwife, we sought out a reproductive endocrinologist who accepted our insurance and scheduled our first round of intrauterine insemination(IUI). When we filed a claim to have it covered, however, United Healthcare sent us a denial letter that said our situation did not meet their definition of infertility -- six months of regular intercourse that does not result in a pregnancy -- that would require them to cover it.

It’s clear that United’s policy is designed for heterosexual married couples and we said so in our appeal of the decision. While awaiting a response, we decided to pay the $650 out of pocket for the IUI procedure. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, but we did receive a letter from United saying our appeal had been approved and we would in fact be covered for the procedure.

That’s why we were shocked when we applied for coverage of a second round of IUI and were denied again. That denial letter claimed a couple had to be engaging in heterosexual intercourse without a successful pregnancy for one year, rather than the six months they had stated in their previous letter.

We’ve now been trying to get pregnant without success for almost a year. The emotional strain of getting our hopes up over and over again is exacerbated by the financial burden, totaling over $2000 a month, of trying to make the dream of having a child a reality. United has it in their power to help but their adherence to an outdated stereotype of what families should look like is hurting me, my wife, and thousands of people like us.

The definition of the American family has expanded to include all sorts of people for whom United's definition of what it takes to have a child does not apply. They have a responsibility to embrace increasing equality and change their policies with the times.

Please sign my petition to join me in asking United Healthcare to set a standard policy for covering infertility treatments that does not discriminate against single women and gay people.

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