Alberta Protection of Civil liberties for Firearm owners

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Canadian firearms owners were recently made criminals by Justin Trudeau and the federal government.  This is evidenced by the feds stating that we are under a 2 year amnesty. Amnesty is granted to criminals and is defined as such "an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses."

We the people and firearms owners of Alberta do not agree to being made criminals and are calling upon the Government of Alberta; Particularly our Premier Jason Kenney; to take immediate legal action to create a safe environment for firearms owners, sporting good businesses and sport shooters in Alberta. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH MR. PREMIER!  The voters are speaking and will be heard.  We will hold accountable the federal government for these actions and will hold accountable our provincial government for any in-action.

We are calling on you to IMMEDIATELY designate a provincial chief firearms officer who understands the needs of all firearm owners be it subsistence hunters, sport shooters or farmers defending their lands from pests and other invaders such as predators harming their livestock.  

If the federal government still forces the RCMP to enforce these laws we call upon you to create a provincial police force who answers to the Alberta Justice system not the federal government.  We also call upon you to IMMEDIATELY direct the Alberta justice system to not enforce the most recent bans in the courts of Alberta.

Prime Minister Trudeau stated on may 4th, 2020 that the steps taken the week before are just the first step towards more gun control in Canada. This is unacceptable to us, the undersigned responsible gun owners of Canada and Alberta.