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College Rape Cases Need To Be Taken More Seriously

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Sexual assault and rape happens in every country, during every day and way too often than it should. Not only is sexual assault an emotionally hard thing to go through but is also hard to charge the perpetrator with felonies they deserve. During my high school carrier I was introduced to a documentary called "The Hunting Ground". This video has never opened my eyes wider. The video is filled with stats on rape. And more as the title of this petition states, college rape. I highly recommend watching "The Hunting Ground" (available on Netflix) for a better, more deep understand of where I am going with this petition. College rapes, as any other rape is VERY frequent. Many victims of rape who have the courage to report sexual assault on college campus seek help from their college and get zero help in return. Colleges have lost the meaning of caring for their students and have only focused on their financial standpoint. Just like a food company wouldn't want to have a huge article on food poisoning, any college wouldn't want any articles or headlines popping up with a sexual assault epidemic. This could causes less applicants which of course causes less money income. In "The Hunting Ground" it states that girls who reported to a college representative or councilor are often questioned "well, what were you wearing?" and "were you under the influence of anything?". This implies that they attributed to their assault. That the victim could have done something differently. Women shouldn't be scared to wear the clothes they want to because sexual assault exists. Women should be able to drink (responsibly and of age) without having the fear of being taken advantage. The most surprising part of my proposal: Sororities aren't aloud to throw parties, only frats can. Which leads us to wonder, what if we want a girls party? What if we feel more comfortable in our own home managing our own booze? What if we don't want to be handed a drink that we aren't sure of where it came from? Who poured it? As people everyday are faced with sexual assault on college campuses I asked myself what I could do. I believe that ONE way we can prevent college rape is having sororities be able to host their own parties with their own booze. Who is with me to take one step closer to prevent sexual assault?     

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