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Ask Brazil and Russia to stop selling tear gas to the Venezuelan regime

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The Venezuelan people is fighting on the streets, demanding that the government opens a humanitarian channel to ensure food, water, and basic medicines get to the people. It is also demanding the scheduling of expired regional elections and a revocatory referendum.

The government, in control of all branches of power in Venezuela, chooses to ignore its own people, causing a dramatic increase in the death toll for starvation and basic illnesses, which adds to the everyday violence, adding up to over 24K deaths per year.

Instead, the government is using its military force against its own people, killing at least one or two protesters per day over the past 50 days of protests.

Although there is a legal ground for the use of tear gas, the Venezuelan government is shooting at close range directly at people and killing most by cardiac or other kinds of concussions... they went so far as using helicopters to throw the cans at a lethal speed. Most of the cans are marked with expired dates, making them even more dangerous.

On top of that, there are hundreds of videos showing improper use of force, violations of human rights, arbitrary detentions, hundreds of missing people, destruction of private property, armed civilians infiltrating pacific demonstrations, and usage of other non-authorized weapons against the protesters.

Most of the used weapons are made in Brazil and Russia, and we're begging the international community to urge both countries to stop providing such ammunition to the Venezuelan government until it complies with international human rights law.

Please sign and help up make our voices heard, Venezuelan lives are depending on you.

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