United Artists for Ukraine: We need to save Ukrainian Artists, Culture & Heritage

United Artists for Ukraine: We need to save Ukrainian Artists, Culture & Heritage

16 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by sophie wiesenfeld

Whoever saves one culture save its entire people.

Between the bombing of Mariupol theatre at the start of the war, until more recently the murder of music conductor Iouri Kerpatenko, the death of leading ballet dancer Olexandr Shapoval, the symbols of Ukrainian culture are systematically targeted. According to UNESCO, over 200 cultural sites are partially or totally destroyed.

We, a collective of Artists, call for United Artists for Ukraine: an initiative to help rebuild Ukrainian Culture, support artists, their projects in cinema, theatre, poetry, the main Ukrainian institutions, the museums and foundations that are disrupted by the war.

We are ready to donate our time, energy, influence or our art to create a community of mutual aid and exchanges in favour of Ukrainian cultural scene.

We will launch various fundraising initiatives and actions for this cause and the first one in Paris on Nov 6th at IMA, in presence of the Ukrainian ambassador, hosted by Jack Lang, former French Minister of Culture.

Many artists, actors, performers, gallerists, thinkers, auctioneers, art media have already started to unite with us. Please join us too by signing this petition and follow the actions of our community!

Non-exhaustive list of artists who have rallied United Artists for Ukraine: Marina Abramovic, Ron Arad, Shezad Dawood, Jan Fabre, Ross Lovegorve, Ivan Messac, Sarah Meyohas, Iryna Ozarinskaya, Abdallad Quandeel, Morgane Tschiember, Luc Tuymans, Francesco Vezzoli, Alina Zamanova...

Non-exhaustive list of institutional partners who support us:
Opera Gallery, Galerie PACT, Perrotin, Purple Magazine, Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, T&L gallery, Whitewall magazine, Wizard Gallery

Non-exhaustive list of beneficiaries:
Odes Fine Arts Museum, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the Harriman institute for Ukraine.

Full list of affected Ukrainian cultural sites (Unesco):
Damaged cultural sites in Ukraine verified by UNESCO | UNESCO

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Signatures: 36Next Goal: 50
Support now