We, the residents at Stoneleigh Apartments want to be respected and valued.

We, the residents at Stoneleigh Apartments want to be respected and valued.

December 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

As everyone is aware, the current property management at Stoneleigh Apartments is grossly incompetent. Residents are constantly ignored by leasing agents and managers, and disrespected by the incompetent maintenance crew.

Several issues have been reported to the Property Manager Kelli Buhidar and even to the Regional Manager Morgan Doede and our concerns have not been addressed, on the contrary, we are being ignored.

We are not allowed to speak to them over the phone, or in person. We’re obligated to contact them through email and we are then told the internet is “spotty”.

We are absolutely tired of being abused. We pay rent here, this is OUR community, not theirs!

This petition is for us residents to come together and show United Apartment Group that we would like changes to the current management and maintenance team.


We want:

- A respectful, professional Property Manager.

- A respectful, professional Property Manager who puts the interest of the residents of Stoneleigh Apartments before the interest of themselves or their employees.

- Open communication between residents and managers when concerns arise.

- Improved communication between the property management team and residents

- A maintenance crew that does their job without disrespecting the residents. Jason and Michael run around the complex as if they own it, entering homes without displaying any sort of politeness even when the residents are home, and their work is sloppy. 

- Someone to answer the phone when we call! Most residents call the front office when they are really in need of something. We want to be answered, or if we leave a voice-mail, to be called back.

- A clean environment. Common areas are constantly filthy. The maintenance crew makes it even worse by breaking glass and leaving it all over the grass, where our children or pets can get hurt, and throwing cigarette butts everywhere. 

- We want the employees of Stoneleigh Apartments that currently live in the complex to live up to the same standards that is expected of the rest of the residents. 

- We want to be able to use all facilities, including both pools, and we wish to have a clean gym with working equipment as we have been promised since we signed our leases.

- Working gates, as well security fences to be fixed so people who are not part of our community are unable to just walk in. We’ve had several incidents where the police has been in our complex looking for suspects that have “ran through our fence”. Our families and children should be safe at home. 

- We want to feel safe at home. Our quality of living is being affected by poor management, careless employees, and a corporate office that is not aware of what we have been going through!


If you have a particular concern you have been trying to reach out to management about, or if your work orders are not being completed, or if you have any proof or pictures you would like to share, please email us at stoneleighresidentscctx@gmail.com

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Signatures: 43Next Goal: 50
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