Workplace Discrimination

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First off, thank you for taking the time to read this. 

My Partner and love of my life was a  part of the worst workplace bullying and discrimination. She sacrificed so much to provide what we thought would be a great career with a great company.

From the first day she started this job she was getting rude looks and being labeled as the new people from "off the street". It's a term used not so lightly because you're either a "transfer" or "off the street". What does it matter? Anyway, that was something that could be handled and brushed to the side but it quickly escalated to questions about whether her kids are from the same guy, is she married? Even asking her Co-Worker she started with if he was a certain type of gay. To me, that is crossing lines of harassment and more so sexual harassment as no one should be judged on there sexuality in the workplace environment or anywhere. So, my Lady Charee was the only person who had to deal with it all. Since that day it was haywire. Real juvenile stuff. From turning other individuals on my lady to try and get her to quit. She would come home in tears crying asking when will this stop. Myself and a few friends told her to stick it out till you finish the 6 months probation period. Boy was I wrong. Wish I could go into more detail but we have a case that is ongoing which they seem to be fighting us saying they did nothing wrong. 

Long story short, the best time she had at this job was a 3 week training course in Newark, New Jersey. She met great people! In Hawaii she has some very close co-workers but none would step up against the pack of women that didn't like my lady. We're talking about women who are grandmothers. Never in my 14 years with her did I see her torn down the way she was. No company leads nor management did anything upon hearing her complaints. She was not properly trained in areas and no one cared to do so. It was very strange to be outcasted by this group who ensured she didn't learn certain areas to do her task well. All she wanted to do was work and get past her probationary period. Don't get me wrong, she had friends. But once again, these people were all scared to come forward as they feared being treated the same way or getting terminated.

Lets fast forward to 2 days before making her 6 month probationary period. January 2nd, Happy New Year! They let her go without no real explanation except for a simple we had a couple customer complaints. Mind you, none of these complaints were ever brought to her attention. Fishy? No heads up or anything to resolve so called issues beforehand. Talk about ripping her heart out and stomping on it. Another thing to consider is she sacrificed so much time away from our family. During the holidays and countless night shifts to fulfill that job. She even gave up another job to commit 100% to this one. Please help us out! What's right is right and in this case, what's wrong is wrong.

  This petition should be signed not only to help her but to help all the people that are dealing with this exact situation as we speak.    


My Name is Jacob VanderVelde speaking on behalf of Charee Urata