United, provide access to MileagePlus for travelers

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While around the globe many airlines are trending toward transparency, United continues to be reluctant to share data that can easily be integrated with third-party Travel Apps.

At App in the Air, we are continually working to get critical travel information to our customers as proficiently as possible. To date, we have loyalty programs from most airlines over the world, but not the world’s largest carrier, United.

With access to MileagePlus, we would provide mileage data, and statistics, from United within our customer profiles.

Adding the MileagePlus loyalty program would help the App in the Air User Community – not to mention other frequent flyers – get needed information faster, including tracking and updating travel data in the convenience of an app.

So, please join us as we continue to encourage United to provide access to its MileagePlus loyalty program.

Together we can make flying just a little easier!


App in the Air is a unique mobile app for travelers. It’s the personal flying assistant that keeps passengers up-to-date while travelling, with features like Real-Time Status, Airport Tips, and a Personal Profile that logs your flight history. Even more, the app works offline by providing gate changes and flight status updates via text (requiring no roaming fees).