United, give cancelled COVID-19 passengers refunds, not flight credits.

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COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, has already had a massive impact worldwide. The world has gone into a panic and, in many regions, rightfully so as the virus rapidly spread.

More tangibly, many people have lost jobs or currently find themselves out of work or have lost wages (directly or indirectly) from cancelled events or flights they needed to cancel in line with credible medical guidance, in addition to local and national guidance. Others have been forced to divert funds to unexpected costs including rationed food and medical expenses.

United Airlines refuses to offer monetary refunds to customers who won’t be able to travel. Instead, they offer flight credits which expire within 12 months.

A simple Twitter search reveals that some passengers have spent thousands of dollars on flights and are only being given flight credits. Others have spent hundreds of dollars, which can be used instead for expenses. This move by United to offer flight credits instead of refunds is rooted in greed and a lack of empathy, and we shouldn’t stand for it.

Let’s come together to tell United that keeping money without offering a service is wrong, especially in this tough time.