United Airlines to terminate Flight Attendance responsible for the death of a puppy

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On Monday March 12, 2018, Catalina Robledo was flying on a United Airlines flight from Houston to LaGuardia, with her 11 year old daughter, Sophia, her infant son, and her 10 month old French Bulldog, Kokito. A flight attendant forced Catalina to place her dog in the overhead cabin where he died during the flight. She repeatedly told her there was a dog in the airline approved dog carrier. The flight attendant told her and her daughter it didn’t matter, he had to be placed in the overhead bin. Kokito barked and yelped for 2 out of the 3 hour long flight. When Catalina opened the bag as soon as the flight landed her sweet dog was dead. 

United Airlines has apologized and assumed full responsibility for the incident. The flight attendant however, still needs to be terminated. She caused the death of this precious animal, while also violating United’s policy that all animals on flights should be placed under the seat in their approved carrier. 

Petition United Airlines to terminate the Flight Attendant responsible for this incident.