Teach pet safety awareness to flight personnel

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As an owner of a small dog who is just like my own child, I have flown with my pet many times and know how to properly handle him while on board a flight. United Airlines has under-educated staff whose lack of training led to the death of a dog when the flight attendant insisted he be kept in the overhead bin. This 10 month old pug was locked in an overhead compartment with no air flow and no water, and was ignored for the duration of the flight while he cried out until he died. This is unacceptable and only happened because of lack of training, awareness, and lack of listening to the needs of the pet owners. In order to make sure the death of a loved pet doesn’t happen again due to personnel ignorance, we must convince airlines to implement proper training when it comes to the handling of animals and specific breeds. Don’t let another animal suffer and die at the hands of ignorance.