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United Airlines: Stop helping Chevron block clean energy in California

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Chevron is funding a front group called Fueling California as part of the oil giant’s campaign to undermine the clean energy future Californians want. Current and former United Airlines executives are serving as the industry group's President/CEO and on its board of directors. Now, Californians can make their voices heard and tell United to resign it's leadership and participation in oil-funded front groups, and Stop Fooling California!

Fueling California pretends to represent the interests of fuel consumers. But, in reality, Fueling California spent more than $310,000 last session lobbying lawmakers to block California’s low carbon fuel standard.

It’s not surprising that California’s largest oil company would go to great lengths to protect its monopoly on dirty energy.

What is more surprising are the other well-known corporations that are going against the will of their customers, enabling Chevron’s campaign with a thin veil of corporate respectability.

Tell United Airlines to stop helping Chevron turn the clock back toward a dirty energy past. Tell them to withdraw from the oil giant’s front group, and instead help California keep moving forward to a clean energy future.

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